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Body temperature camera

The Pollaris COVID Camera is equipped with an Infrared camera and a built-in body temperature detection module, which can rapidly determine a person’s temperature when they stand in front of the camera.

The COVID Camera can also authenticate an individual with facial recognition software if an existing photo database exists. The COVID Camera ships with the software and a mounting stand.

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Temperature Detection within 300ms.

Variance Factor

Variance +/- 0.2 – 0.3°C

Rapid Detection

Recognition speed within 300ms

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Ultra-high precision human body temperature and face recognition machine

  1. Human body temperature measuring  facial recognition camera
  2. Facial Recognition
  3. Advanced Detection Algorithm
  4. Dynamic temperature detection  based on real-time video stream  using Linux Industrial operating system
  5. Accurate temperate identification  in milliseconds, enables users to move quickly past the access  control camera
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Integrate with the existing systems

Mitigate the pandemic risks and build a fully-integrated security system for your business. Protect your human capital and save lives.

Security Analytics

Use the existing analytics system or platform to make better decisions, faster.

Access Control and SEIM

Available integrations with access control and SIEM systems building a comprehensive security solution.

Identity Management Systems

Integrate with your existing identity management system to simplify processes and reduce operational pressures.

Frequently Asked Quesitons


Do I need a computer to use this system?

No. It is a stand-alone system that does not require any network connection.

Can the Body Temperature Screening software be installed on more than one computer?

Yes, there is no limit to software installations. However, the number of users accessing the programming interface at one time is approximately 5.

Does the camera have wireless capabilities?

Not internally. The camera network cable may be connected to any external wireless access point or router to facilitate wireless access.

Can the camera be viewed across our network at security stations?

Yes, but it is not applicable since the camera stream will not contain any temperature information.

What is the operating temperature of the camera?

The camera is designed for the indoor use where the ambient temperature is between 16C and 32C.

Can the camera be used outdoors

Outdoor use is possible providing that the camera is placed in a shaded, protected area such as a field tent. The requirement for ambient temperature in the range of 16C to 32C still applies.

Can this system be used to lock/unlock doors based on temperature readings?

Yes, There are available connections to two relays. Relays offer normally open and normally closed contacts. Settings within the programming interface control the action and duration of the relays based on user-defined conditions.

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