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Pollaris Security Management Provides Corporate Security, Personal Security, and Cybersecurity Solutions custom tailored for your enterprise to mitigate and reduce risks.

NEW! Dynamic Temperature Measurement Camera with Facial Recognition and Access Control

Pollaris Security Management (non-contact) temperature detector, can achieve rapid preliminary temperature screening of people passing through the device. The improved and upgraded the facial recognition technology and automatic infrared facial temperature measurement.

The system will measure accurate forehead temperature, report any abnormal temperature with an alarm. The equipment will automatically save the facial image, temperature record, time passed, name, and ID card information record.

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Get additional details and mitigate the pandemic risks today. Protect human capital, help the community and save lives by taking a proactive approach to fully-integrated security systems. Check our comprehensive FAQ that answers your questions.


About Pollaris Security Management

Pollaris Security Management Inc. delivers on-call security teams to resolve business security issues, including executive security, corporate security and cybersecurity. Services tailored to large enterprises, law firms and government agencies.

People committing crimes against businesses understand your business’s weaknesses. To protect your company, you must realize and understand your weaknesses better than criminals to adequately safeguard your assets.

Pollaris Security Management Inc. provides a broad range of security services including investigations, surveillance, evaluation of business security risks, security awareness training, protective details for workplace threats, forensic services including digital forensics, fingerprinting, chemical testing, document and handwriting, and digital asset examinations.


What We Do

Corporate Security

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Customer tailored Corporate Security Solutions to detect, mitigate and prevent fraudulent activities.

Personal Security

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Protection of corporate interests and top executives defending both corporate, brand and personal reputation.


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Evaluating, mitigating the risks, and implementing comprehensive controls to quickly detect and prevent cyber attacks, data breaches, fraudulent activities, data leakage.


What They Say

Your team made an invaluable contribution in assisting us with fraud detection and third-party cybersecurity posture evaluation that saved us a significant budget and helped mitigate a data breach. We look forward to continuing long-term collaboration.
Anthony K.


We are very happy with the results of your ongoing security management and risk assessments. It would be difficult if not impossible to keep a group of experts in-house at much greater expense. We truly appreciate the skills and flexibility your team offers no matter the task complexity.
Theresa R.


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